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Bad oral health is keeping you from eating
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When a tooth is lost, the effects can be far-reaching:


Difficulty sleeping and working due to constant pain in the mouth


Sensitivity to hot and/or cold foods and beverages


Swelling, Redness, or Sensitivity Of The Gums Or Tenderness


You Have Sustained Any Mouth Injury Or Trauma To The Tooth

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About Pulp Therapy

Do not let cavities
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Your teeth’s soft tissue, also known as pulp, requires special care. Our teeth contain nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, all of which can become infected and inflamed. Damage to the pulp of the tooth may necessitate specialised nerve procedures such as root canals or pulp treatments to save and restore the infected tooth. 

The dentist at Pune Dental Studio offers pulp therapy alternatives, in which the infected pulp is removed and replaced with a biocompatible material that fulfils the same function as pulp. 

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Every situation is unique.  The pediatric dentist assesses the age of the child, the positioning of the tooth, and the general health of the child before making a recommendation to extract the tooth or to save it via pulp therapy.

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