Tooth Extraction

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tooth extractions


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The Need

Has neglecting dental hygiene and cavities
completely decayed your teeth?

When a tooth is lost, the effects can be far-reaching:


Wisdom teeth are causing overcrowding or mild/severe pain


Have a Gum disease or abscess (infection in your gums or teeth)


Decay Or Damage Has Made The Tooth Impossible To Restore


Untreated Oral Infection Has Caused Bone Loss Or Weak Tooth

Remove a bad tooth and restore your smile!


About Tooth Extraction

Is a Bad tooth giving you constant pain

Extraction is never a first option when it comes to teeth. However, this operation is occasionally required to either prevent or treat serious health issues including infection or severe tooth decay. 

Our Extraction process is quick and simple, local anaesthetic is usually necessary to numb the area before basic tooth extractions. 

Restoring your smile after a missing tooth involves one of our many solutions like implants, crowns, or bridges.

Get your bad tooth remove today!


Lets face your oral health, together.

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Complete Transparency On The
Treatment Cost Before The Procedure.


We Use Cutting-Edge Technology To
Ensure Best-In-Class Treatment.


We Have A Minimum Invasive Pain-Free
Tooth Extraction Procedure.


We Offer Multiple Tooth Restorative
Options For Your Missing Tooth


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No, we recommend not to. Smoking would hinder the healing process and can cause more pain after surgery. Refrain from smoking as long as possible after dental extraction to ensure the fastest post-operative recovery.

When the gaps in between your teeth are left unfilled, they can cause the surrounding teeth to shift thereby weakening the structure. It is recommended to fill the spaces with veneers, bridges, or dental implants. All these dental solutions can work, so speak to the dentist on which one is suitable for you.

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