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The Need

Has neglecting dental hygiene and cavities
damaged your teeth?

When a tooth is lost, the effects can be far-reaching:


There are gaps between your teeth or your teeth are loose and shifting.


You have one or more missing teeth due to natural ageing.


Difficulty Eating Certain Foods Due To Cracked Tooth, Missing Teeth


You Often Hide Your Smile Because Of Missing Or Damaged Teeth.

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About Dentures

You deserve to Smile, no
matter your Age.

A set of dentures can be the best choice for you if you have missing teeth or any major dental problems as a result of disease, damage or ageing

Modern dentures are much simpler to maintain they snugly fit on either your upper arch, lower arch, or both, they restore Your ability to smile, speak, and chew. 

We also specialize in denture repair, so if your dentures need readjustment or have been damaged, we can correct them. 

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Why work with Dr.
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They Are Composed Of High-Tech,
Long-Lasting Materials.


100% Natural-Looking Dentures Can
That Fool The World


High-Quality Dentures That Are Built To
Last For A Lifetime


We Have The Most Affordable Dentures
Cost In India.


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As false teeth are tailor-made to fit your mouth, they should not hurt. They do take some getting used to, and may feel a bit uncomfortable during the first three months as your gums and jawbone adjust to their new shape (if you had some teeth extracted before getting your dentures fitted).

You can brush your false teeth as normal, just making sure that you are a bit gentle, especially at first. You can also take them out and wash them with soap and water. We recommend that you soak your dentures in water with a fizzy denture-cleaning tablet as well, in order to remove any food particles and prevent staining.

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